Classes are included with Bronxville Fitness Club membership OR just drop in for $25 per class. 

Find it impossible to get inspired on your own? Then dive into one of BFC's Group Fitness Classes and let the spirit take you places you haven't been able to reach alone.

  • Classes limited to 8-18 participants to ensure safety and individual attention.           
  • Classes fill on a first come, first served basis. Please register before class.
  • You can register on the MINDBODY application on your phone or website.  

    Clients can register for as many available classes as you like, but you can only book classes one week in advance on MINDBODY. *For example, if today is Tuesday, clients can book classes through next Tuesday.*

  • Please arrive on time.

* Please bring your own Yoga / Pilates Mat to these classes if you can*

Group Fitness Class Schedule

Description of Classes


Get it all! 20-minutes of stretching, 20-minutes of Pilates, and 20-minutes of yoga.

Circuit Training 

A mix of core, strength training, cardio and balance exercises provides an excellent total body workout.

Dance Cardio/ ZUMBA

This beginner dance cardio class will make you forget that you're exercising. With easy to follow moves for all levels, you'll be shaking away that stress built up from the week!

Pilates Fusion

A fun mix of Pilates and Yoga. Welcoming all shapes, sizes, and abilities! 

Pilates Mat 

Pilates improves core strength and flexibility without building bulk and promotes balance in people of all ages. It relieves stress and muscle tension, improves range of motion in joints, and helps prevent injury. 

Sculpt & Core

This 60-minute low-impact class is ideal for those seeking a quick workout to tone their entire body, especially that core!


These 45-minute classes burn serious calories (about 450) and offer an awesome aerobic workout that makes your heart pump fast. This class is great for cross-training for marathons, or just adding in a new activity to your typical exercise program.

Stretch & Lengthen

Find balance in your fitness routine by joining us for a 45-minutes class dedicated to reducing muscle tension and lengthening your body. The perfect addition to every fitness routine!

Total Body Cardio

This is interval training at its best! You will utilize a variety of equipment to keep your heart rate elevated and strengthen your entire body. Target your arms, legs,  and core all in one!


The ideal class to energize your body, quiet your mind, build strength and flexibility. This class focuses on developing a connection between your breath and the movements of your body. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and move at their own pace. All levels of practice are welcome!